Press release · Friday July 26, 2013


The vital protocol which will cover all exports of US soybean and involves almost 300,000  farmers will ensure a commitment to sustainable production practices for US soy into the future.

The Irish Grain and Feed Association (IGFA) has welcomed the introduction of the US sustainability programme and says that it will incentivise farmers and the wider industry to continually strive for greater innovation and positively impact the Irish feed industry.

The sustainability programme has been developed in order to set standards across a range of industry specific issues including environmental objectives, social responsibility, promoting economic growth and an improvement in technology and cultural practices. The system measures positive environmental benefits nationally such as water quality, insecticide use, soil erosion, C02 emissions and biodiversity enhancement which is based on a robust set of data and backed up by local conservation officers and third party auditing.

This creates a unique opportunity for the US soybean industry to become a leader in the industry by setting a precedent and benchmark for international customers currently reviewing sustainability requirements for suppliers.

“One of the really great concepts with the recently launched US sustainability programme is that it encourages farmers and industry to continually innovate, to look at new techniques and to opt for systems that make the entire chain more sustainable in the future.  The Irish feed industry is consistently asked by our customers whether we are sourcing our feed materials in a sustainable manner, so this will have a direct positive impact on us also,” says Michael Phelan, President ,  IGFA.

Previously there was no opportunity for the soybean industry to show international customers who were reviewing sustainability requirements for suppliers that US farmers are already meeting high standards for sustainable soy production.

”While we are large importers of feed materials these products primarily are by-products of the food industry.  The change in attitude of the US food industry towards sustainability has really been a major driver for the launch of this initiative. We benefit by being able to purchase sustainable by-products for our rations. In addition, this protocol fits alongside the already existing schemes such as RTRS Pro-terra and provides customers with options depending on the end market requirements,” says Phelan.



  • The Irish Grain and Feed Association (IGFA) represents the interests of the Irish feed manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Members are encouraged to be members of an Internationally recognised Feed safety assurance scheme. Schemes must be independently certified to EN 45011 standard.
  • The IGFA receives no commercial advantage from any of the schemes.

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